circle — круг



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n ru A two-dimensional geometric figure, a line, consisting of the set of all those points in a plane that are equally distant from a given point (center).
The set of all points such that<sup>2</sup> + y<sup>2</sup> = r<sup>2</sup> is a circle of radius r around the point.
n ru A two-dimensional geometric figure, a disk, consisting of the set of all those points of a plane at a distance less than or equal to a fixed distance (radius) from a given point.
n ru Any shape, curve or arrangement of objects that approximates to or resembles the geometric figures.
Children, please join hands and form a circle.
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n ru A specific group of persons; especially one who shares a common interest.
circle of friends
inner circle
literary circle
n ru The orbit of an astronomical body.
n ru A line comprising two semicircles of 30 yards radius centred on the wickets joined by straight lines parallel to the pitch used to enforce field restrictions in a one-day match.
n ru A ritual circle that is cast three times deosil and closes three times widdershins either in the air with a wand or literally with stones or other items used for worship.
n ru A traffic circle or roundabout.
n ru Compass; circuit; enclosure.
n ru An instrument of observation, whose graduated limb consists of an entire circle. When fixed to a wall in an observatory, it is called a mural circle; when mounted with a telescope on an axis and in Y's, in the plane of the meridian, a meridian or transit circle; when involving the principle of reflection, like the sextant, a reflecting circle; and when that of repeating an angle several times continuously along the graduated limb, a repeating circle.
n ru A series ending where it begins, and repeating itself.
n ru A form of argument in which two or more unproved statements are used to prove each other; inconclusive reasoning.
n ru Indirect form of words; circumlocution.
n ru A territorial division or district.
The ten Circles of the Holy Roman Empire were those principalities or provinces which had seats in the German Diet.
n ru (in the plural) A bagginess of the skin below the eyes from lack of sleep.
After working all night, she had circles under her eyes.
v ru To travel around along a curved path.
The wolves circled the herd of deer.
v ru To surround.
A high fence circles the enclosure.
v ru To place or mark a circle around.
Circle the jobs that you are interested in applying for.
v ru To travel in circles.
Vultures circled overhead.

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