church — церковь



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n ru A Christian house of worship; a building where Christian religious services take place.
There is a lovely little church in the valley.
This building used to be a church before being converted into a library.
n ru Christians collectively seen as a single spiritual community; Christianity.
These worshippers make up the Church of Christ.
n ru A local group of people who follow the same Christian religious beliefs, local or general.
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n ru A particular denomination of Christianity.
The Church of England separated from the Roman Catholic Church in 1534.
n ru (as bare noun) Christian worship held at a church; service.
n ru Organized religion in general or a specific religion considered as a political institution.
Many constitutions enshrine the separation of church and state.
n ru Any religious group.
She goes to a Wiccan church down the road.
n ru Assembly.
v ru To conduct a religious service for (a woman after childbirth, or a newly married couple).
v ru To educate someone religiously, as in in a church.

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