changing — размен


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v ru To become something different.
The tadpole changed into a frog.   Stock prices are constantly changing.
v ru To make something into something else.
The fairy changed the frog into a prince.   I had to change the wording of the ad so it would fit.
v ru To replace.
Ask the janitor to come and change the lightbulb.   After a brisk walk, I washed up and changed my shirt.
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v ru To replace one's clothing.
You can't go into the dressing room while she's changing.   The clowns changed into their costumes before the circus started.
v ru To replace the clothing of (the one wearing it).
It's your turn to change the baby.
v ru To transfer to another vehicle (train, bus, etc.)
v ru To exchange.
v ru To change hand while riding (a horse).
to change a horse
n ru Change; alteration.
{{quote-book|en|author=George Fox|year=1654|title=epistle LXXVI|passage=And stand steadfast in the unchangeable life and seed of God, which was before changings and alterings were; and which will remain when they all are gone.

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