change — изменение



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n ru The process of becoming different.
The product is undergoing a change in order to improve it.
n ru Small denominations of money given in exchange for a larger denomination.
Can I get change for this $100 bill please?
n ru A replacement, e.g. a change of clothes
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n ru Balance of money returned from the sum paid after deducting the price of a purchase.
A customer who pays with a 10-pound note for a £9 item receives one pound in change.
n ru Usually coins (as opposed to paper money), but sometimes inclusive of paper money
Do you have any change on you? I need to make a phone call.
n ru A transfer between vehicles.
The train journey from Bristol to Nottingham includes a change at Birmingham.
n ru A change-up pitch.
n ru (campanology) Any order in which a number of bells are struck, other than that of the diatonic scale.
n ru A place where merchants and others meet to transact business; an exchange.
n ru A public house; an alehouse.
v ru To become something different.
The tadpole changed into a frog.   Stock prices are constantly changing.
v ru To make something into something else.
The fairy changed the frog into a prince.   I had to change the wording of the ad so it would fit.
v ru To replace.
Ask the janitor to come and change the lightbulb.   After a brisk walk, I washed up and changed my shirt.
v ru To replace one's clothing.
You can't go into the dressing room while she's changing.   The clowns changed into their costumes before the circus started.
v ru To replace the clothing of (the one wearing it).
It's your turn to change the baby.
v ru To transfer to another vehicle (train, bus, etc.)
v ru To exchange.
v ru To change hand while riding (a horse).
to change a horse

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