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помещать в клетку


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n ru A single-room dwelling for a hermit.
n ru A small monastery or nunnery dependent on a larger religious establishment.
n ru A small room in a monastery or nunnery accommodating one person.
Gregor Mendel must have spent a good amount of time outside of his cell.
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n ru A room in a prison or jail for one or more inmates.
The combatants spent the night in separate cells.
n ru Each of the small hexagonal compartments in a honeycomb.
n ru Any of various chambers in a tissue or organism having specific functions.
n ru The discal cell of the wing of a lepidopteran insect.
n ru Specifically, any of the supposed compartments of the brain, formerly thought to be the source of specific mental capacities, knowledge, or memories.
n ru A section or compartment of a larger structure.
n ru Any small dwelling; a remote nook, a den.
n ru A device which stores electrical power; used either singly or together in batteries; the basic unit of a battery.
This MP3 player runs on 2 AAA cells.
n ru The basic unit of a living organism, consisting of a quantity of protoplasm surrounded by a cell membrane, which is able to synthesize proteins and replicate itself.
n ru A small thunderstorm, caused by convection, that forms ahead of a storm front.
There is a powerful storm cell headed our way.
n ru The minimal unit of a cellular automaton that can change state and has an associated behavior.
The upper right cell always starts with the color green.
n ru In FreeCell-type games, a space where one card can be placed.
n ru A small group of people forming part of a larger organization, often an outlawed one.
Those three fellows are the local cell of that organization.
n ru (communication) A short, fixed-length packet as in asynchronous transfer mode.
Virtual Channel number 5 received 170 cells.
n ru (communication) A region of radio reception that is a part of a larger radio network.
I get good reception in my home because it is near a cell tower.
n ru A three-dimensional facet of a polytope.
n ru The unit in a statistical array (a spreadsheet, for example) where a row and a column intersect.
n ru The space between the ribs of a vaulted roof.
n ru A cella.
n ru An area of an insect wing bounded by veins
v ru To place or enclose in a cell.
n ru A cellular phone.

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