casual — случайный

случайный посетитель


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n ru A worker who is only working for a company occasionally, not as its permanent employee.
n ru A soldier temporarily at a place of duty, usually en route to another place of duty.
n ru A member of a group of football hooligans who wear expensive designer clothing to avoid police attention; see casual (subculture).
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n ru One who receives relief for a night in a parish to which he does not belong; a vagrant.
n ru A player of casual games.
The devs dumbed the game down so the casuals could enjoy it.
n ru A person whose engagement with media is relaxed or superficial.
n ru A tramp.
adj ru Happening by chance.
They only had casual meetings.
adj ru Coming without regularity; occasional or incidental.
The purchase of donuts was just a casual expense.
adj ru Employed irregularly.
He was just a casual worker.
adj ru Careless.
adj ru Happening or coming to pass without design.
adj ru Informal, relaxed.
adj ru Designed for informal or everyday use.

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