care — уход



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n ru Grief, sorrow.
n ru Close attention; concern; responsibility.
Care should be taken when holding babies.
n ru Worry.
I don't have a care in the world.
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n ru Maintenance, upkeep.
dental care
n ru The treatment of those in need (especially as a profession).
n ru The state of being cared for by others.
in care
n ru The object of watchful attention or anxiety.
v ru To be concerned (about), to have an interest (in); to feel concern (about).
"She doesn't care what you think." "I don't care, I'm still going."
v ru (polite) To want, to desire; to like; to be inclined towards.
I don't care to hear your opinion.
Would you care for another slice of cake?
Would you care to dance?
v ru (with for) To look after or look out for.
He cared for his mother while she was sick.
Young children can learn to care for a pet.
v ru To mind; to object.

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