cable — кабельный



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n ru (material) A long object used to make a physical connection.
n ru (communications) A system for transmitting television or Internet services over a network of coaxial or fibreoptic cables.
I tried to watch the movie last night but my cable was out.
n ru A telegram, notably when sent by (submarine) telegraph cable.
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n ru A unit of length equal to one tenth of a nautical mile.
n ru (unit, chiefly nautical) 100 fathoms, 600 imperial feet, approximately 185 m.
n ru The currency pair British Pound against United States Dollar.
n ru A moulding, shaft of a column, or any other member of convex, rounded section, made to resemble the spiral twist of a rope.
n ru A textural pattern achieved by passing groups of stitches over one another.
v ru To provide with cable(s)
v ru To fasten (as if) with cable(s)
v ru To wrap wires to form a cable
v ru To send a telegram by cable
v ru To communicate by cable
v ru To ornament with cabling.
v ru To create cable stitches.

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