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n ru A heavy load.
n ru A responsibility, onus.
n ru A cause of worry; that which is grievous, wearisome, or oppressive.
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n ru The capacity of a vessel, or the weight of cargo that she will carry.
a ship of a hundred tons burden
n ru The tops or heads of stream-work which lie over the stream of tin.
n ru The proportion of ore and flux to fuel, in the charge of a blast furnace.
n ru A fixed quantity of certain commodities.
A burden of gad steel is 120 pounds.
n ru A birth.
n ru The total amount of toxins, parasites, cancer cells, plaque or similar present in an organism.
v ru To encumber with a literal or figurative burden.
to burden a nation with taxes
v ru To impose, as a load or burden; to lay or place as a burden (something heavy or objectionable).
n ru A phrase or theme that recurs at the end of each verse in a folk song or ballad.
n ru The drone of a bagpipe.
n ru Theme, core idea.
the burden of the argument

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