bunch — гроздь



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n ru A group of similar things, either growing together, or in a cluster or clump, usually fastened together.
a bunch of grapes;  a bunch of bananas;  a bunch of keys;  a bunch of yobs on a street corner
n ru The peloton; the main group of riders formed during a race.
n ru An informal body of friends.
He still hangs out with the same bunch.
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n ru A considerable amount.
a bunch of trouble
n ru An unmentioned amount; a number.
A bunch of them went down to the field.
n ru A group of logs tied together for skidding.
n ru An unusual concentration of ore in a lode or a small, discontinuous occurrence or patch of ore in the wallrock.
n ru The reserve yarn on the filling bobbin to allow continuous weaving between the time of indication from the midget feeler until a new bobbin is put in the shuttle.
n ru An unfinished cigar, before the wrapper leaf is added.
Two to four filler leaves are laid end to end and rolled into the two halves of the binder leaves, making up what is called the bunch.
n ru A protuberance; a hunch; a knob or lump; a hump.
v ru To gather into a bunch.
v ru To gather fabric into folds.
v ru To form a bunch.
v ru To be gathered together in folds
v ru To protrude or swell

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