budget — бюджет

финансовая смета
составлять бюджет


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n ru The amount of money or resources earmarked for a particular institution, activity or time-frame.
n ru An itemized summary of intended expenditure; usually coupled with expected revenue.
n ru A wallet, purse or bag.
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n ru A compact collection of things.
n ru A socket in which the end of a cavalry carbine rests.
v ru To construct or draw up a budget.
Budgeting is even harder in times of recession
v ru To provide funds, allow for in a budget.
The PM’s pet projects are budgeted rather generously
v ru To plan for the use of in a budget.
The prestigious building project is budgeted in great detail, from warf facilities to the protocollary opening.
adj ru Of or relating to a budget.
adj ru Appropriate to a restricted budget.
We flew on a budget airline.

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