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n ru A male deer, antelope, sheep, goat, rabbit, hare, and sometimes the male of other animals such as the hamster, ferret and shad.
n ru An uncastrated sheep, a ram.
n ru A young buck; an adventurous, impetuous, dashing, or high-spirited young man.
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n ru A fop or dandy.
n ru A black or Native American man.
n ru A dollar (one hundred cents).
Can I borrow five bucks?
n ru A rand (currency unit).
n ru (by extension) Money.
Corporations will do anything to make a buck.
n ru One hundred.
That skinny guy? C'mon, he can't weigh more than a buck and a quarter.
The police caught me driving a buck forty on the freeway.
n ru An object of various types, placed on a table to indicate turn or status; such as a brass object, placed in rotation on a US Navy wardroom dining table to indicate which officer is to be served first, or an item passed around a poker table indicating the dealer or placed in the pot to remind the winner of some privilege or obligation when his or her turn to deal next comes.
n ru (in certain metaphors or phrases) Blame; responsibility; scapegoating; finger-pointing.
pass the buck
the buck stops here
n ru The body of a post mill, particularly in East Anglia. See Wikipedia:Windmill machinery.
n ru One million dollars.
n ru A euro.
n ru A frame on which firewood is sawed; a sawhorse; a sawbuck.
n ru A leather-covered frame used for gymnastic vaulting
n ru A wood or metal frame used by automotive customizers and restorers to assist in the shaping of sheet metal bodywork. See Street Rodder "Making a Wood Buck".
v ru To copulate, as bucks and does.
n ru A type of African American traditional clogging.
n ru The generally sterile male or female hybrid offspring of a male donkey and a female horse.
n ru The generally sterile hybrid offspring of any two species of animals.
n ru A hybrid plant.
n ru A stubborn person.
n ru A person paid to smuggle drugs.
n ru A coin or medal minted with obverse and reverse designs not normally seen on the same piece, either intentionally or in error.
n ru A MMORPG character, or NPC companion in a tabletop RPG, used mainly to store extra inventory for the owner's primary character.
n ru Any of a group of cocktails involving ginger ale or ginger beer, citrus juice, and various liquors.
n ru A kind of triangular sail for a yacht.
n ru A kind of cotton-spinning machine.
n ru A shoe that has no fitting or strap around the heel, but which covers the foot.
v ru To bend; buckle.
v ru (of a horse or similar saddle or pack animal) To leap upward arching its back, coming down with head low and forelegs stiff, forcefully kicking its hind legs upward, often in an attempt to dislodge or throw a rider or pack.
v ru (of a horse or similar saddle or pack animal) To throw (a rider or pack) by bucking.
v ru To subject to a mode of punishment which consists of tying the wrists together, passing the arms over the bent knees, and putting a stick across the arms and in the angle formed by the knees.
v ru (by extension) To resist obstinately; oppose or object strongly.
The vice president bucked at the board's latest solution.
v ru (by extension) To move or operate in a sharp, jerking, or uneven manner.
The motor bucked and sputtered before dying completely.
v ru (by extension) To overcome or shed (e.g., an impediment or expectation), in pursuit of a goal; to force a way through despite (an obstacle); to resist or proceed against.
John is really bucking the odds on that risky business venture. He's doing quite well.
Our managers have to learn to buck the trend and do the right thing for their employees.
The plane bucked a strong headwind.
v ru (riveting) To press a reinforcing device (bucking bar) against (the force of a rivet) in order to absorb vibration and increase expansion. See Wikipedia: Rivet:Installation.
v ru To saw a felled tree into shorter lengths, as for firewood.
v ru To output a voltage that is lower than the input voltage. See Wikipedia: Buck converter
n ru The beech tree.
n ru Lye or suds in which cloth is soaked in the operation of bleaching, or in which clothes are washed.
n ru The cloth or clothes soaked or washed.
v ru To soak, steep or boil in lye or suds, as part of the bleaching process.
v ru To wash (clothes) in lye or suds, or, in later usage, by beating them on stones in running water.
v ru To break up or pulverize, as ores.

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