brown — коричневый

коричневый цвет


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n ru A colour like that of chocolate or coffee.
The browns and greens in this painting give it a nice woodsy feel.
n ru One of the colour balls used in snooker, with a value of 4 points.
n ru Black tar heroin.
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n ru A copper coin.
n ru A brown horse or other animal.
n ru (sometimes capitalised) A person of Middle Eastern, Latino or South Asian descent; a brown-skinned person; someone of mulatto or biracial appearance.
n ru Any of various nymphalid butterflies of subfamily Satyrinae (formerly the family Satyridae).
n ru Any of certain species of nymphalid butterflies of subfamily Satyrinae, such as those of the genera Heteronympha and Melanitis.
n ru A brown trout (Salmo trutta).
v ru To become brown.
Fry the onions until they brown.
v ru To cook something until it becomes brown.
Brown the onions in a large frying pan.
v ru To tan.
Light-skinned people tend to brown when exposed to the sun.
v ru To make brown or dusky.
v ru To give a bright brown colour to, as to gun barrels, by forming a thin coating of oxide on their surface.
v ru (usually derogatory) To turn progressively more Middle Eastern, Hispanic or Latino, in the context of the population of a geographic region.
the browning of America
v ru To treat with deference, or respect.
adj ru Having a brown colour.
adj ru Gloomy.
adj ru (sometimes capitalized) Of or relating to any of various ethnic groups having dark pigmentation of the skin.

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