bottle — бутылка

разливать по бутылкам


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n ru A container, typically made of glass or plastic and having a tapered neck, used primarily for holding liquids.
Beer is often sold in bottles.
n ru The contents of such a container.
I only drank a bottle of beer.
n ru A container with a rubber nipple used for giving liquids to infants, a baby bottle.
The baby wants a bottle.
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n ru Nerve, courage.
He was going to ask her out, but he lost his bottle when he saw her.
You don’t have the bottle to do that!
n ru (of a person with a particular hair color) A container of hair dye, hence with one’s hair color produced by dyeing.
Did you know he’s a bottle brunette? His natural hair color is strawberry blonde.
n ru A bundle, especially of hay; something tied in a bundle.
n ru Intoxicating liquor; alcohol.
to drown one’s troubles in the bottle
to hit the bottle
n ru The tendency of pages printed several on a sheet to rotate slightly when the sheet is folded two or more times.
v ru To seal (a liquid) into a bottle for later consumption. Also fig.
This plant bottles vast quantities of spring water every day.
v ru To feed (an infant) baby formula.
Because of complications she can't breast feed her baby and so she bottles him.
v ru To refrain from doing (something) at the last moment because of a sudden loss of courage.
The rider bottled the big jump.
v ru To throw away a leading position.
Liverpool bottled the Premier League.
v ru To strike (someone) with a bottle.
He was bottled at a nightclub and had to have facial surgery.
v ru To pelt (a musical act on stage, etc.) with bottles as a sign of disapproval.
Meat Loaf was once bottled at Reading Festival.
n ru A dwelling; habitation.
n ru A building; house.

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