boom — бум



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n ru A low-pitched, resonant sound, such as of an explosion.
The boom of the surf.
n ru A rapid expansion or increase.
You should prepare for the coming boom in the tech industry.
n ru One of the calls of certain monkeys or birds.
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v ru To make a loud, hollow, resonant sound.
I can hear the organ slowly booming from the chapel.
The cannon boomed, recoiled, and spewed a heavy smoke cloud.
Thunder boomed in the distance and lightning flashes lit up the horizon.
{{ux|en|Beneath the cliff, the sea was booming on the rocks.
v ru (of speech) To exclaim with force, to shout, to thunder.
v ru To make something boom.
Men in grey robes slowly boom the drums of death.
v ru To publicly praise.
v ru To rush with violence and noise, as a ship under a press of sail, before a free wind.
inter ru Used to suggest the sound of an explosion.
inter ru Used to suggest something happening suddenly and unexpectedly.
n ru A spar extending the foot of a sail; a spar rigged outboard from a ship's side to which boats are secured in harbour.
n ru A movable pole used to support a microphone or camera.
n ru A horizontal member of a crane or derrick, used for lifting.
n ru The longest element of a Yagi antenna, on which the other, smaller ones are transversally mounted.
n ru A floating barrier used to obstruct navigation, for military or other purposes; or used for the containment of an oil spill or to control the flow of logs from logging operations.
n ru A wishbone-shaped piece of windsurfing equipment.
n ru The section of the arm on a backhoe closest to the tractor.
n ru A gymnastics apparatus similar to a balance beam.
v ru To extend, or push, with a boom or pole.
to boom off a boat
to boom out a sail
v ru (usually with "up" or "down") To raise or lower with a crane boom.
n ru A period of prosperity, growth, progress, or high market activity.
v ru To flourish, grow, or progress.
Business was booming.
The population boomed in recent years.
v ru To cause to advance rapidly in price.
to boom railroad or mining shares

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