block — блок



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n ru A substantial, often approximately cuboid, piece of any substance.
a block of ice
a block of stone
n ru A chopping block; cuboid base for cutting or beheading.
Anne Boleyn placed her head on the block and awaited her execution.
n ru A group of urban lots of property, several acres in extent, not crossed by public streets.
I'm going for a walk around the block.
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n ru A residential building consisting of flats.
a block of flats
n ru The distance from one street to another in a city that is built (approximately) to a grid pattern.
The place you are looking for is two long blocks east and one short block north.
n ru Interference or obstruction of cognitive processes.
n ru The human head.
I'll knock your block off!
n ru A wig block: a simplified head model upon which wigs are worn.
n ru A mould on which hats, bonnets, etc., are shaped.
n ru A set of sheets (of paper) joined together at one end.
a block of 100 tickets
n ru A logical data storage unit containing one or more physical sectors (see cluster).
n ru A region of code in a program that acts as a single unit, such as a function or loop.
n ru A fixed-length group of bits making up part of a message.
n ru A case with one or more sheaves/pulleys, used with ropes to increase or redirect force, for example, as part of the rigging of a sailing ship.
n ru A portion of a macromolecule, comprising many units, that has at least one feature not present in adjacent portions.
n ru Something that prevents something from passing.
There's a block in the pipe that means the water can't get through.
n ru An action to interfere with the movement of an opposing player or of the object of play (ball, puck).
n ru A shot played by holding the bat vertically in the path of the ball, so that it loses momentum and drops to the ground.
n ru A defensive play by one or more players meant to deflect a spiked ball back to the hitter’s court.
n ru A joined group of four (or in some cases nine) postage stamps, forming a roughly square shape.
n ru A section of split logs used as fuel.
n ru Solitary confinement.
n ru A cellblock.
n ru The perch on which a bird of prey is kept.
n ru A piece of hard wood on which a stereotype or electrotype plate is mounted.
n ru A blockhead; a stupid fellow; a dolt.
n ru A section of a railroad where the block system is used.
n ru The position of a player or bat when guarding the wicket.
n ru A blockhole.
n ru The popping crease.
n ru A discrete group of vines in a vineyard, often distinguished from others by variety, clone, canopy training method, irrigation infrastructure, or some combination thereof.
v ru To fill (something) so that it is not possible to pass.
The pipe is blocked.
v ru To prevent (something or someone) from passing.
You're blocking the road – I can't get through!
v ru To prevent (something from happening or someone from doing something).
His plan to take over the business was blocked by the boss.
v ru To impede an opponent.
He blocked the basketball player's shot.
The offensive linemen tried to block the blitz.
v ru To specify the positions and movements of the actors.
It was very difficult to block this scene convincingly.
v ru To hit with a block.
v ru To play a block shot.
v ru To disable communication via telephone, instant messaging, etc., with an undesirable someone.
I tried to send you a message, but you've blocked me!
v ru To wait.
When the condition expression is false, the thread blocks on the condition variable.
v ru To stretch or mould (a knitted item, a hat, etc.) into the desired shape.
I blocked the mittens by wetting them and pinning them to a shaped piece of cardboard.
v ru To shape or sketch out roughly.

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