blind — слепой



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n ru A covering for a window to keep out light. The covering may be made of cloth or of narrow slats that can block light or allow it to pass.
n ru A destination sign mounted on a public transport vehicle displaying the route destination, number, name and/or via points, etc.
n ru Any device intended to conceal or hide.
a duck blind
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n ru Something to mislead the eye or the understanding, or to conceal some covert deed or design; a subterfuge.
n ru A blindage.
n ru A halting place.
n ru The blindside.
n ru (1800s) No score.
n ru A forced bet: the small blind or the big blind.
The blinds are $10/$20 and the ante is $1.
n ru A player who is forced to pay such a bet.
The blinds immediately folded when I reraised.
n ru (as a plural) Those who are blind, taken as a group.
v ru To make temporarily or permanently blind.
Don't wave that pencil in my face - do you want to blind me?
The light was so bright that for a moment he was blinded.
v ru To curse.
v ru To darken; to obscure to the eye or understanding; to conceal.
v ru To cover with a thin coating of sand and fine gravel, for example a road newly paved, in order that the joints between the stones may be filled.
adj ru (of a person or animal) Unable to see, due to physiological or neurological factors.
adj ru (of an eye) Unable to be used to see, due to physiological or neurological factors.
adj ru Failing to see, acknowledge, perceive.
Authors are blind to their own defects.
The lovers were blind to each other's faults.
adj ru Of a place, having little or no visibility.
a blind corner
a blind ditch
a blind path
adj ru Closed at one end; having a dead end
a blind gut
adj ru Having no openings for light or passage.
a blind alley
a blind wall
adj ru (in certain phrases) Smallest or slightest.
I shouted, but he didn't take a blind bit of notice.
We pulled and pulled, but it didn't make a blind bit of difference.
adj ru Without any prior knowledge.
He took a blind guess at which fork in the road would take him to the airport.
adj ru Unconditional; without regard to evidence, logic, reality, accidental mistakes, extenuating circumstances, etc.
blind deference
blind justice
blind punishment
adj ru Unintelligible or illegible.
a blind passage in a book; blind writing
adj ru Abortive; failing to produce flowers or fruit.
blind buds
blind flowers
adv ru Without seeing; unseeingly.
adv ru Absolutely, totally.
to swear blind
adv ru (three card brag) Without looking at the cards dealt.

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