bled — напечатанный в обрез


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v ru (of a person or animal) To lose blood through an injured blood vessel.
If her nose bleeds, try to use ice.
v ru To let or draw blood from.
v ru To take large amounts of money from.
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v ru To steadily lose (something vital).
The company was bleeding talent.
v ru (of an ink or dye) To spread from the intended location and stain the surrounding cloth or paper.
Ink traps counteract bleeding.
v ru To remove air bubbles from a pipe containing other fluids.
v ru To bleed on; to make bloody.
v ru To show one's group loyalty by showing (its associated color) in one's blood.
He was a devoted Vikings fan: he bled purple.
v ru To lose sap, gum, or juice.
A tree or a vine bleeds when tapped or wounded.
v ru To issue forth, or drop, like blood from an incision.
v ru (of a phonological rule) To destroy the environment where another phonological rule would have applied.
Labialization bleeds palatalization.
n ru (in parts of French North Africa) Hinterland, field.

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