blade — лезвие



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n ru The sharp cutting edge of a knife, chisel, or other tool, a razor blade/sword.
n ru The flat functional end of a propeller, oar, hockey stick, screwdriver, skate, etc.
n ru The narrow leaf of a grass or cereal.
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n ru The thin, flat part of a plant leaf, attached to a stem (petiole). The lamina.
n ru A flat bone, especially the shoulder blade.
n ru A cut of beef from near the shoulder blade (part of the chuck).
n ru The part of the tongue just behind the tip, used to make laminal consonants.
n ru A sword or knife.
n ru A piece of prepared, sharp-edged stone, often flint, at least twice as long as it is wide; a long flake of ground-edge stone or knapped vitreous stone.
n ru (ultimate frisbee) A throw characterized by a tight parabolic trajectory due to a steep lateral attitude.
n ru The rudder, daggerboard, or centerboard of a vessel.
n ru A bulldozer or surface-grading machine with mechanically adjustable blade that is nominally perpendicular to the forward motion of the vehicle.
n ru A dashing young man.
n ru A homosexual, usually male.
n ru Thin plate, foil.
n ru One of a series of small plates that make up the aperture or the shutter of a camera.
n ru (in the plural) The principal rafters of a roof.
n ru The four large shell plates on the sides, and the five large ones of the middle, of the carapace of the sea turtle, which yield the best tortoise shell.
n ru Airfoil in windmills and windturbines.
n ru A blade server.
n ru An exterior product of vectors. (The product may have more than two factors. Also, a scalar counts as a 0-blade, a vector as a 1-blade; an exterior product of k vectors may be called a k-blade.)
n ru The part of a key that is inserted into the lock.
v ru To skate on rollerblades.
Want to go blading with me later in the park?
v ru To furnish with a blade.
v ru To put forth or have a blade.
v ru To stab with a blade
The gang member got bladed in a fight.
v ru To cut (a person) so as to provoke bleeding.
n ru A kind of piton used in thin cracks.

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