bite — укус



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n ru The act of biting.
n ru The wound left behind after having been bitten.
That snake bite really hurts!
n ru The swelling of one's skin caused by an insect's mouthparts or sting.
After just one night in the jungle I was covered with mosquito bites.
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n ru A piece of food of a size that would be produced by biting; a mouthful.
There were only a few bites left on the plate.
n ru Something unpleasant.
That's really a bite!
n ru An act of plagiarism.
That song is a bite of my song!
n ru A small meal or snack.
I'll have a quick bite to quiet my stomach until dinner.
n ru Aggression
n ru The hold which the short end of a lever has upon the thing to be lifted, or the hold which one part of a machine has upon another.
n ru A cheat; a trick; a fraud.
n ru A sharper; one who cheats.
n ru A blank on the edge or corner of a page, owing to a portion of the frisket, or something else, intervening between the type and paper.
n ru A cut, a proportion of profits; an amount of money.
v ru To cut into something by clamping the teeth.
As soon as you bite that sandwich, you'll know how good it is.
v ru To hold something by clamping one's teeth.
v ru To attack with the teeth.
That dog is about to bite!
v ru To behave aggressively; to reject advances.
If you see me, come and say hello. I don't bite.
v ru To take hold; to establish firm contact with.
I needed snow chains to make the tires bite.
v ru To have significant effect, often negative.
For homeowners with adjustable rate mortgages, rising interest will really bite.
v ru (of a fish) To bite a baited hook or other lure and thus be caught.
Are the fish biting today?
v ru To accept something offered, often secretly or deceptively, to cause some action by the acceptor.
I've planted the story. Do you think they'll bite?
v ru (of an insect) To sting.
These mosquitoes are really biting today!
v ru To cause a smarting sensation; to have a property which causes such a sensation; to be pungent.
It bites like pepper or mustard.
v ru (sometimes figurative) To cause sharp pain or damage to; to hurt or injure.
Pepper bites the mouth.
v ru To cause sharp pain; to produce anguish; to hurt or injure; to have the property of so doing.
v ru To take or keep a firm hold.
The anchor bites.
v ru To take hold of; to hold fast; to adhere to.
The anchor bites the ground.
v ru To lack quality; to be worthy of derision; to suck.
This music really bites.
v ru To perform oral sex on. Used in invective.
You don't like that I sat on your car? Bite me.
v ru To plagiarize, to imitate.
He always be biting my moves.
v ru To deceive or defraud; to take in.

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