bind — связывать



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n ru That which binds or ties.
n ru A troublesome situation; a problem; a predicament or quandary.
n ru Any twining or climbing plant or stem, especially a hop vine; a bine.
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n ru A ligature or tie for grouping notes.
n ru A strong grip or stranglehold on a position that is difficult for the opponent to break.
the Maróczy Bind
n ru The indurated clay of coal mines.
v ru To tie; to confine by any ligature.
v ru To cohere or stick together in a mass.
Just to make the cheese more binding
v ru To be restrained from motion, or from customary or natural action, as by friction.
I wish I knew why the sewing machine binds up after I use it for a while.
v ru To exert a binding or restraining influence.
These are the ties that bind.
v ru To tie or fasten tightly together, with a cord, band, ligature, chain, etc.
to bind grain in bundles  to bind a prisoner
v ru To confine, restrain, or hold by physical force or influence of any kind.
Frost binds the earth.
Gravity binds the planets to the sun.
v ru To couple.
v ru To oblige, restrain, or hold, by authority, law, duty, promise, vow, affection, or other social tie.
to bind the conscience  to bind by kindness  bound by affection  commerce binds nations to each other
v ru To put (a person) under definite legal obligations, especially, under the obligation of a bond or covenant.
v ru To place under legal obligation to serve.
to bind an apprentice  bound out to service
v ru To protect or strengthen by applying a band or binding, as the edge of a carpet or garment.
v ru To make fast (a thing) about or upon something, as by tying; to encircle with something.
to bind a belt about one  to bind a compress upon a wound
v ru To cover, as with a bandage.
to bind up a wound
v ru To prevent or restrain from customary or natural action, as by producing constipation.
Certain drugs bind the bowels.
v ru To put together in a cover, as of books.
The three novels were bound together.
v ru To make two or more elements stick together.
v ru To associate an identifier with a value; to associate a variable name, method name, etc. with the content of a storage location.
v ru To complain; to whine about something.

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