beyond — за

за пределами


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n ru The unknown.
n ru The hereafter.
n ru Something that is far beyond.
Еще значения (10)
adv ru Farther along or away.
adv ru In addition; more.
adv ru Extremely, more than
2017 July 13, Joseph Gamp "Marvel release stirring new set images of Black Panther and we are BEYOND excited" Metro
prep ru Further away than.
She had no reason for the conviction beyond the very inadequate one that she had seen him around London.
prep ru On the far side of.
No swimming beyond this point.
prep ru Later than; after.
prep ru Greater than; so as to exceed or surpass.
Your staff went beyond my expectations in refunding my parking ticket.
prep ru In addition to.
prep ru Past, or out of reach of.
The patient was beyond medical help.
You won't last beyond my first punch.
prep ru Not within the comprehension of.
He understood geometry well, but algebraic topology was beyond him.

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