below — ниже

в дальнейшем


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adv ru In a lower place.
adv ru On a lower storey.
adv ru Further down.
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adv ru On a lower deck.
the landlubbers lying down below
adv ru (of a temperature) Below zero.
prep ru Lower in spatial position than.
The treasure is buried two meters below the surface.
prep ru Within the writing of a given document which follows a particular appearance of the word "below".
"By their execution hereof, the Parties incur a legal obligation to pass consideration under this Loan Contract as is set forth below."
prep ru Lower in value, price, rank or concentration than.
The temperature is below zero.
prep ru Downstream of.
prep ru South of.
prep ru Unsuitable to the rank or dignity of; beneath.
Such petty behavior is below me.
prep ru (stage directions) Downstage of.
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