bell — колокол



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n ru A percussive instrument made of metal or other hard material, typically but not always in the shape of an inverted cup with a flared rim, which resonates when struck.
n ru The sounding of a bell as a signal.
n ru A telephone call.
I’ll give you a bell later.
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n ru A signal at a school that tells the students when a class is starting or ending.
n ru The flared end of a brass or woodwind instrument.
n ru Any of a series of strokes on a bell (or similar), struck every half hour to indicate the time (within a four hour watch)
n ru The flared end of a pipe, designed to mate with a narrow spigot.
n ru A device control code that produces a beep (or rings a small electromechanical bell on older teleprinters etc.).
n ru Anything shaped like a bell, such as the cup or corolla of a flower.
n ru The part of the capital of a column included between the abacus and neck molding; also used for the naked core of nearly cylindrical shape, assumed to exist within the leafage of a capital.
n ru An instrument situated on a bicycle's handlebar, used by the cyclist to warn of his or her presence.
v ru To attach a bell to.
Who will bell the cat?
v ru To shape so that it flares out like a bell.
to bell a tube
v ru To telephone.
v ru To develop bells or corollas; to take the form of a bell; to blossom.
Hops bell.
n ru The bellow or bay of certain animals, such as a hound on the hunt or a stag in rut.
v ru To bellow or roar.
v ru To utter in a loud manner; to thunder forth.

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