belief — вера



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n ru Mental acceptance of a claim as true.
It's my belief that the thief is somebody known to us.
n ru Faith or trust in the reality of something; often based upon one's own reasoning, trust in a claim, desire of actuality, and/or evidence considered.
Based on this data, it is our belief that X does not occur.
My belief is that there is a bear in the woods. Bill said he saw one.
n ru Something believed.
The ancient people have a belief in many deities.
Women always take the beliefs of those around them. Better a man who loves her to have the strongest influence over her beliefs and actions than her catty girlfriends who despise her for being more attractive. ― Blair Naso
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n ru The quality or state of believing.
My belief that it will rain tomorrow is strong.
n ru Religious faith.
She often said it was her belief that carried her through the hard times.
n ru (in the plural) One's religious or moral convictions.
I don't want to do a no-fault divorce on my husband and steal from him under color of law. It's against my beliefs.

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