beaten — избитый



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v ru To hit; strike
As soon as she heard that her father had died, she went into a rage and beat the wall with her fists until her knuckles bled.
v ru To strike or pound repeatedly, usually in some sort of rhythm.
He danced hypnotically while she beat the atabaque.
v ru To strike repeatedly; to inflict repeated blows; to knock vigorously or loudly.
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v ru To move with pulsation or throbbing.
v ru To win against; to defeat or overcome; to do better than, outdo, or excel (someone) in a particular, competitive event.
I just can't seem to beat the last level of this video game.
Jan had little trouble beating John in tennis. He lost five games in a row.
No matter how quickly Joe finished his test, Roger always beat him.
v ru To sail to windward using a series of alternate tacks across the wind.
v ru To strike (water, foliage etc.) in order to drive out game; to travel through (a forest etc.) for hunting.
v ru To mix food in a rapid fashion. Compare whip.
Beat the eggs and whip the cream.
v ru (In haggling for a price) of a buyer, to persuade the seller to reduce a price
He wanted $50 for it, but I managed to beat him down to $35.
v ru To indicate by beating or drumming.
to beat a retreat; to beat to quarters
v ru To tread, as a path.
v ru To exercise severely; to perplex; to trouble.
v ru To be in agitation or doubt.
v ru To make a sound when struck.
The drums beat.
v ru To make a succession of strokes on a drum.
The drummers beat to call soldiers to their quarters.
v ru To sound with more or less rapid alternations of greater and less intensity, so as to produce a pulsating effect; said of instruments, tones, or vibrations, not perfectly in unison.
v ru To arrive at a place before someone.
He beat me there.
The place is empty, we beat the crowd of people who come at lunch.
v ru To have sexual intercourse.
Bruv, she came in just as we started to beat.
v ru To rob.
He beat me out of 12 bucks last night.
adj ru Defeated
adj ru Repeatedly struck, or formed or flattened by blows
a beaten path; beaten gold; the beaten victims of the attack
adj ru (of a liquid) mixed by paddling with a wooden spoon or other implement
adj ru Trite; hackneyed

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