basis — основа



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n ru A physical base or foundation.
n ru A starting point, base or foundation for an argument or hypothesis.
n ru An underlying condition or circumstance.
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n ru A regular frequency.
Cars must be checked on a yearly basis.
The flights to Fiji leave on a weekly basis.
You should brush your teeth on a daily basis at minimum.
n ru In a vector space, a linearly independent set of vectors spanning the whole vector space.
n ru Amount paid for an investment, including commissions and other expenses.
n ru A collection of subsets ("basis elements") of a set, such that this collection covers the set, and for any two basis elements which both contain an element of the set, there is a third basis element contained in the intersection of the first two, which also contains that element.
The collection of all possible unions of basis elements of a basis is said to be the topology generated by that basis.

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