bad — плохой



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n ru Error, mistake.
n ru An item (or kind of item) of merchandise with negative value; an unwanted good.
adj ru Unfavorable; negative; not good.
Abducting children is bad for mothers.
Don't talk to him; he's in a bad mood.
The weather looks pretty bad right now.
You have bad credit.
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adj ru Not suitable or fitting.
Do you think it is a bad idea to confront him directly?
adj ru Not appropriate, of manners etc.
It is bad manners to talk with your mouth full.
adj ru Unhealthy; liable to cause health problems.
Lard is bad for you. Smoking is bad for you, too. Grapes are bad for dogs but not for humans.
adj ru Sickly, unhealthy, unwell.
I went to the hospital to see how my grandfather was doing. Unfortunately, he's in a bad state.
I've had a bad back since the accident.
Joe's in a bad way; he can't even get out of bed.
adj ru Not behaving; behaving badly; misbehaving; mischievous or disobedient.
Stop being bad, or you will get a spanking!
adj ru Tricky; stressful; unpleasant.
Divorce is usually a bad experience for everybody involved.
adj ru Evil; wicked.
Be careful. There are bad people in the world.
adj ru Faulty; not functional.
I had a bad headlight.
adj ru (of food) Spoiled, rotten, overripe.
These apples have gone bad.
adj ru (of breath) Malodorous; foul.
Bad breath is not pleasant for anyone.
adj ru False; counterfeit; illegitimate.
They were caught trying to pass bad coinage.
adj ru Unskilled; of limited ability; not good.
He's a bad gardener; everything he tries to grow ends up dying.
I'm pretty bad at speaking French.
adj ru Of poor physical appearance.
I don't look bad in this dress, do I?
I look really bad whenever I get less than seven hours of sleep.
adj ru Bold and daring.
adj ru Good, superlative, excellent, cool.
Man, that new car you bought is bad!
adj ru (of a need, want, or pain) Severe, urgent.
He is in bad need of a haircut.
adj ru Overly promiscuous, licentious.
adj ru (of a draft/check) Not covered by funds on account.
He gave me a bad check.
adv ru Badly.
I didn't do too bad in the last exam.
adj ru Fantastic.
v ru To issue a command; to tell.
He bade me come in.
v ru To invite; to summon.
She was bidden to the wedding.
v ru To utter a greeting or salutation.
v ru To shell (a walnut).

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