awful — ужасный

внушающий страх


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adj ru Very bad.
My socks smell awful.
We saw such an awful film last night that we left the theater before the end.
adj ru Exceedingly great; usually applied intensively.
I have learnt an awful amount today.
an awful bonnet
adj ru Causing fear or horror; appalling, terrible.
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adj ru Inspiring awe; filling with profound reverence or respect; profoundly impressive.
adj ru Struck or filled with awe.
adj ru Terror-stricken.
adj ru Worshipful; reverential; law-abiding.
adv ru Awfully; dreadfully; terribly.
adv ru Very, extremely.
He was blubbering away something awful.
She seemed awful nice when I met her yesterday.
That's an awful big house.

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