away — далеко

в отсутствие


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v ru To depart; to go to another place.
At 9 o'clock sharp he awayed to bed.
adj ru Not here, gone, absent, unavailable, traveling; on vacation.
The master is away from home.
Would you pick up my mail while I'm away.
adj ru At a specified distance in space, time, or figuratively.
He's miles away by now.
Spring is still a month away.
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adj ru Not on one's home territory.
Next, they are playing away in Dallas.
This is the entrance for away supporters.
adj ru (following the noun modified) Out.
Two men away in the bottom of the ninth.
adv ru From a place, hence.
He went away on vacation.
adv ru Aside; off; in another direction.
I tried to approach him, but he turned away.
adv ru Aside, so as to discard something.
throw away, chuck away, toss away
adv ru At a stated distance in time or space.
Christmas is only two weeks away.
adv ru In or to something's usual or proper storage place.
I'll dry the dishes and you put them away.
Please file away these documents.
adv ru In or to a secure or out-of-the-way place.
He was shut away in the castle tower for six months.
The jewels were locked away in the safe.
adv ru From a state or condition of being; out of existence.
fade away, die away
adv ru So as to remove or use up something.
Please wipe away this spilled drink.
That's where tourists go to hear great Cuban bands and dance the night away.
The weather has worn away the inscription, and it is no longer legible.
adv ru (as imperative, by ellipsis) Come away; go away; take away.
Away! Be gone! And don't let me see you round here again!
adv ru On; in continuance; without intermission or delay.
She's been in her room all day, working away at her computer.
adv ru Without restraint.
I saw her whaling away at her detractors.
You've got questions? Ask away!
inter ru Come on!; go on!

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