average — средний

среднее число


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n ru The arithmetic mean.
The average of 10, 20 and 24 is/3 = 18.
n ru Any measure of central tendency, especially any mean, the median, or the mode.
n ru (marine) Financial loss due to damage to transported goods; compensation for damage or loss.
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n ru Customs duty or similar charge payable on transported goods.
n ru Proportional or equitable distribution of financial expense.
n ru An indication of a player's ability calculated from his scoring record, etc.
batting average
n ru (in the plural) In the corn trade, the medial price of the several kinds of grain in the principal corn markets.
v ru To compute the average of, especially the arithmetic mean.
If you average 10, 20 and 24, you get 18.
v ru Over a period of time or across members of a population, to have or generate a mean value of.
I averaged 75% in my examinations this year.
The daily high temperature last month averaged 15°C.
v ru To divide among a number, according to a given proportion.
to average a loss
v ru To be, generally or on average.
adj ru Constituting or relating to the average.
The average age of the participants was 18.5.
adj ru Neither very good nor very bad; rated somewhere in the middle of all others in the same category.
I soon found I was only an average chess player.
adj ru Typical.
The average family will not need the more expensive features of this product.
adj ru Not outstanding, not good, banal; bad or poor.
n ru The service that a tenant owed his lord, to be done by the animals of the tenant, such as the transportation of wheat, turf, etc.

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