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n ru A piece of nonfictional writing such as a story, report, opinion piece, or entry in a newspaper, magazine, journal, dictionary, encyclopedia, etc.
n ru An object, a member of a group or class.
a sales article
an article of clothing
n ru (grammar) A part of speech that indicates, specifies and limits a noun (a, an, or the in English). In some languages the article may appear as an ending (e.g. definite article in Swedish) or there may be none (e.g. Russian, Pashto).
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n ru A section of a legal document, bylaws, etc. or, in the plural, the entire document seen as a collection of these.
The Articles of War are a set of regulations to govern the conduct of military forces
n ru A genuine article.
n ru A part or segment of something joined to other parts, or, in combination, forming a structured set.
Each of the chelicerae is composed of two articles, forming a powerful pincer.
n ru A person; an individual.
a shrewd article
n ru A wench.
She's a prime article, she's a devilish good piece, a hell of a goer.
n ru Subject matter; concern.
n ru A distinct part.
n ru A precise point in time; a moment.
v ru To bind by articles of apprenticeship.
to article an apprentice to a mechanic
v ru To accuse or charge by an exhibition of articles or accusations.
v ru To formulate in articles; to set forth in distinct particulars.

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