arrest — арест

наложение ареста


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n ru A check, stop, an act or instance of arresting something.
n ru The condition of being stopped, standstill.
n ru The process of arresting a criminal, suspect etc.
Еще значения (11)
n ru A confinement, detention, as after an arrest.
n ru A device to physically arrest motion.
n ru The judicial detention of a ship to secure a financial claim against its operators.
n ru Any seizure by power, physical or otherwise.
n ru A scurfiness of the back part of the hind leg of a horse.
v ru To stop the motion of (a person or animal).
v ru To stay, remain.
v ru To stop or slow (a process, course etc.).
v ru To seize (someone) with the authority of the law; to take into legal custody.
The police have arrested a suspect in the murder inquiry.
v ru To catch the attention of.
v ru To undergo cardiac arrest.

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