argument — аргумент



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n ru A fact or statement used to support a proposition; a reason.
n ru A verbal dispute; a quarrel.
n ru A process of reasoning.
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n ru A series of propositions organized so that the final proposition is a conclusion which is intended to follow logically from the preceding propositions, which function as premises.
n ru The independent variable of a function.
n ru The phase of a complex number.
n ru A value, or reference to a value, passed to a function.
Parameters are like labeled fillable blanks used to define a function whereas arguments are passed to a function when calling it, filling in those blanks.
n ru A parameter at a function call; an actual parameter, as opposed to a formal parameter.
n ru Any of the phrases that bears a syntactic connection to the verb of a clause.
n ru The quantity on which another quantity in a table depends.
The altitude is the argument of the refraction.
n ru The subject matter of a discourse, writing, or artistic representation; theme or topic; also, an abstract or summary, as of the contents of a book, chapter, poem.
n ru Matter for question; business in hand.
v ru (NNES) To put forward as an argument; to argue.

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