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n ru (with a possessive pronoun) Everything that one is capable of.
She gave her all, and collapsed at the finish line.
n ru The totality of one's possessions.
adj ru All gone; dead.
The butter is all.
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adv ru (degree) Intensifier.
It suddenly went all quiet.
She was all, “Whatever.”
adv ru Entirely; completely; totally.
adv ru Apiece; each.
The score was 30 all when the rain delay started.
adv ru (degree) so much.
Don't want to go? All the better since I lost the tickets.
adv ru Even; just.
pron ru Everything.
She knows all and sees all.
Some gave all they had.
Those who think they know it all are annoying to those of us who do.
pron ru Everyone.
A good time was had by all.
We all enjoyed the movie.
pron ru The only thing(s).
All that was left was a small pile of ash.
pron ru Used after who, what, where, how and similar words, either without changing their meaning, or indicating that one expects that they cover more than one element, e.g. that "who all attended" is more than one person. (Some dialects only allow this to follow some words and not others.)
pron ru Clipping of y’all. Used only as a vocative.
conj ru Although.

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