against — против



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prep ru In a contrary direction to.
It is hard work to swim against the current.
prep ru In physical opposition to; in collision with.
The rain pounds against the window.
prep ru In physical contact with, so as to abut or be supported by.
The kennel was put against the back wall.
The ladder was leaning against the wall.
The puppy rested its head against a paw.
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prep ru Close to, alongside.
A row of trees stood against a fence.
prep ru In front of; before (a background).
The giant was silhouetted against the door.
prep ru In contrast or comparison with.
He stands out against his classmates.
This report sets out the risks against the benefits.
prep ru In competition with, versus.
The Tigers will play against the Bears this weekend.
prep ru Contrary to; in conflict with.
Doing this is against my principles.
It is against the law to smoke on these premises.
There was no car in sight so we crossed against the red light.
prep ru In opposition to.
Are you against freedom of choice?
He waged a ten-year campaign against the company that was polluting the river.
I'd bet against his succeeding.
prep ru Of betting odds, denoting a worse-than-even chance.
That horse is fifty-to-one against, so it has virtually no chance of winning.
prep ru In exchange for.
The vouchers are redeemable against West End shows and theatre breaks.
prep ru As counterbalance to.
prep ru As a charge on.
Tax is levied against income from sales.
prep ru As protection from.
He turned the umbrella against the wind.
prep ru In anticipation of; in preparation for (a particular time, event etc.).
The stores are kept well stocked against a time of need.
prep ru (Hollywood) To be paid now in contrast to the following amount to be paid later under specified circumstances, usually that a movie is made or has started filming.
The studio weren't sure the movie would ever get made, so they only paid $50,000 against $200,000. That way they wouldn't be out very much if filming never began.
prep ru Exposed to.
conj ru By the time that (something happened); before.
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