affect — влиять



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v ru To influence or alter.
The experience affected me deeply.
The heat of the sunlight affected the speed of the chemical reaction.
v ru To move to emotion.
He was deeply affected by the tragic ending of the play.
v ru Of an illness or condition, to infect or harm (a part of the body).
Hepatitis affects the liver.
Еще значения (10)
v ru To dispose or incline.
v ru To tend to by affinity or disposition.
v ru To assign; to appoint.
v ru To make a show of; to put on a pretense of; to feign; to assume. To make a false display of.
He managed to affect a smile despite feeling quite miserable.
to affect ignorance
v ru To aim for, to try to obtain.
v ru To feel affection for (someone); to like, be fond of.
v ru To show a fondness for (something); to choose.
n ru One's mood or inclination; mental state.
n ru A desire, an appetite.
n ru A subjective feeling experienced in response to a thought or other stimulus; mood, emotion, especially as demonstrated in external physical signs.

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