active — активный

действительный залог


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n ru A person or thing that is acting or capable of acting.
n ru Any component that is not passive. See Passivity (engineering).
adj ru Having the power or quality of acting; causing change; communicating action or motion; acting;—opposed to passive, that receives.
certain active principles
the active powers of the mind
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adj ru Quick in physical movement; of an agile and vigorous body; nimble.
an active child or animal
adj ru In action; actually proceeding; working; in force
active hostilities
active laws
adj ru Given to action; constantly engaged in action; energetic; diligent; busy
active mind
active zeal
an active man of business
adj ru Requiring or implying action or exertion
active employment or service
active scenes
adj ru Given to action rather than contemplation; practical; operative
an active rather than a speculative statesman
adj ru Brisk; lively.
an active demand for corn
adj ru Implying or producing rapid action.
an active disease
an active remedy
adj ru (heading, grammar) About verbs.
adj ru (of source code) Eligible to be processed by a compiler or interpreter.
adj ru Not passive.
adj ru (gay sexual slang) (of a homosexual man) enjoying a role in anal sex in which he penetrates, rather than being penetrated by his partner.

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