above — выше



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n ru Heaven.
n ru Something, especially a person's name in legal documents, that appears higher on the same page or on a preceding page.
n ru Higher authority.
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n ru Betterment, raised status or condition.
adj ru Of heaven; heavenly.
adj ru (by ellipsis) Being located higher on the same page or on a preceding page.
adv ru Directly overhead; vertically on top of.
adv ru Higher in the same page; earlier in the order as far as writing products go.
adv ru Into or from heaven; in the sky.
He's in a better place now, floating free as the clouds above.
adv ru In a higher place; upstairs; farther upstream.
adv ru Higher in rank, power, or position.
He appealed to the court above.
adv ru In addition.
adv ru More in number.
adv ru Above zero; above freezing.
It was a cold day at only 5 above.
adv ru On the upper half or the dorsal surface of an animal.
The sparrow I saw was rufous above and off-white below.
prep ru Physically over; on top of; worn on top of, said of clothing.
He always put his coat on above his sweater.
prep ru In or to a higher place; higher than; on or over the upper surface.
prep ru Farther north than.
Idaho is above Utah.
prep ru Rising; appearing out of reach height-wise.
prep ru Higher than; superior to in any respect; surpassing; higher in measure, degree, volume, or pitch, etc. than; out of reach; not exposed to; not likely to be affected by; incapable of negative actions or thoughts.
Even the chief of police is not above suspicion.
He was always above reproach.
I thought you said you were above these kinds of antics.
That's above my comprehension.
to cut above average
prep ru Higher in rank, status, or position.
to stand head and shoulders above the rest
prep ru In addition to; besides.
above and beyond the call of duty
over and above
prep ru Surpassing in number or quantity; more than.
That amount is way above our asking price.
prep ru In preference to.
prep ru Too proud to stoop to; averse to; disinclined towards;
The owner was above taking more than a token salary.
prep ru Beyond; on the other side.
prep ru Upstage of.
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