abandon — отказываться от



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v ru To give up or relinquish control of, to surrender or to give oneself over, or to yield to one's emotions.
v ru To desist in doing, practicing, following, holding, or adhering to; to turn away from; to permit to lapse; to renounce; to discontinue.
v ru To leave behind; to desert as in a ship or a position, typically in response to overwhelming odds or impending dangers; to forsake, in spite of a duty or responsibility.
Many baby girls have been abandoned on the streets of Beijing.
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v ru To subdue; to take control of.
v ru To cast out; to banish; to expel; to reject.
v ru To no longer exercise a right, title, or interest, especially with no interest of reclaiming it again; to yield; to relinquish.
v ru To surrender to the insurer (an insured item), so as to claim a total loss.
n ru A yielding to natural impulses or inhibitions; freedom from artificial constraint, with loss of appreciation of consequences.
n ru Abandonment; relinquishment.

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